Avivim kennel of Standard Poodles in Israel
My name is Leehy Packer and I was born in Israel in 1946. I have a Master's degree in Speech and
Audiology, finished film school and directed documentaries for Israeli TV. Worked as a disc jockey
for 10 years.
I have been married since 1966, have 3 children and grand children. We always had dogs.
(our keeshond puppy)my mother and
me in 1953
Moka, the first brown poodle and me in 1958
Me and Dusty in 1969
After Dusty the Afghan died at the age of 14, I wanted a more "communicating" dog.
The choice was Kiri our first standard poodle who joined our family in 1982.
Greystone Kiri 1982-1992
In 1996 when my youngest son left home for the army, I started getting more seriously into the
“poodle world”. I have been the head of the Israeli Poodle Club for almost 7 years. I quit this job On
August 2008. Now I am an active member at the Israeli Kennel Club.
Avivim Zaatar and me in 2001
Avivim Chup Chick and me in 2007
I am a certified FCI poodle judge.
Judged in Israel and in Europe
I am very proud to get these certificates from the IKC
My home is in  Tel Aviv . Our dogs live with as  part of the family.
AVIVIM means the spring season - a time of blossom, optimism and revival.
Avivim 3 generations August 2006
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Avivim Springy Kfits and me  March 2010
photo:amir Paz
Avivim Douze point and Avivim Zeus Hashazuf  October 2014